Competition - Entries


Dear RC Racers

To take part in a race, you need to subscribe via myrcm.

This limits the possible mistakes and enhances everything before the start of the race.

Subscribing is very easy:

  1. open your browser and navigate to .
  2. In the upper right corner you can log in (or create an account for free if you do not have an account already, when you create an account, be sure to fill in the transpondernumber you are using)
  3. Once you are logged in, clickon "Race registration" and type "Dessel" in the upper right search field.
  4. The race(s) will be shown, click at the end of the race you want to participate on "race registration" .
  5. Your personal information is automatically filled, you only have to choose which class you will be driving .
  6. Click on send at the bottom and you are subscribed for the race.
  7. If you want to drive in more then 1 class, repeat the steps above for the other classes

To check if you are subscibed, go back to the race and click on the number (under "count"). This will show all entries.

You will also receive an email from MyRCM confirming each subscription to a race.

All fun drives will be available in myrcm.