About us


Dear Rc Racers,

With great pleasure we invite you to becom acquainted with RC Racing Dessel.

Our track is located at: Spinhallen - Pastorijstraat 51, 2480 Dessel

It's a large hall, there's a canteen and sufficient parking space.

In the canteen beverages and toasts are offered. You only need to bring your own table and chair

One day of training will cost you 10 euro (non members). Of course we hope to welcome a lot of new members. Members can train unlimited and take part in the clubraces.

The fee for adults is 100 euro for a year subscription, 50 euro for young people (12 < 18 year) and 25 euro for kids (< 12 year)(kids must be accompanied by an adult

Beside the clubraces, we organise out well known fundrive's. The dates are set in the calender. Taking part in a fundrive costs 10 euro with free training on saturday.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or remarks.

Kind Regards,

RC Racing Dessel Club Committee

Peter Mertens (president)

Marcus Willems (secretary)

Peggy Melis (cashier)

Marleen Van Orshaegen

Karel Van Hoppe (Webmaster)